Become a member of Golang China Club


If you have more than 10 effective commits merged into the Go repo, feel free to send an email applying for membership. You will also get an email account with the suffix permanently, for email activation see doc.

Please note that the aforementioned effective commits refer to source code changes such as bug fixes, code optimizations, code refactoring, new features, etc., rather than typo fixes.

Being a member of the Club, you can enjoy a wide range of exclusive benefits and unparalleled job opportunities.

  • Get an email account with the suffix forever
  • Invite to Github golangclub group
  • Invited to attend China Golang Contributor Summit
  • 2020 GopherChina Free ticket
  • 2021 ECUG Con Free ticket by Qiniu Cloud
  • 2021 GopherChina Free ticket